Tejas Networks, a leading provider of end-to-end optical and broadband access products, is an India-based company that designs, develops, and sells its products to telecom service providers, internet service providers, utilities, security, and government entities in over 75 countries. Founded in 2000, Tejas Networks has built many IPs in multiple areas of telecom networking and has emerged as an exporter to other developing countries including Southeast Asia and Africa.

Recently, Tejas Networks announced a significant partnership with FibreConnect, an innovative wholesale telecom infrastructure developer in Italy. This collaboration marks a transformative step in Italy’s digital landscape, aiming to bridge the digital divide for small and medium businesses across the country

The Collaboration: A Strategic Alliance for Digital Transformation

Tejas Networks was the sole supplier of optical networking and broadband access products for FibreConnect’s country-wide FTTP (fiber-to-the-premise) rollout. The partnership targets industrial areas in Italy currently lacking broadband infrastructure, supporting the Italian government’s ‘Transition 4.0’ plan to promote the digital transformation of its manufacturing sector.

The Technology: Powering Connectivity with Innovation

Tejas Networks has deployed its full range of products, including its versatile TJ1400UCB, integrating GPON/XGS-PON, Fixed LTE and PTN technologies for Access and Aggregation. The multi-terabit TJ1600 OTN/DWDM systems for Metro and Backbone, and feature-rich TJ2100 series of ONTs for business and industrial premises are also part of the deployment. The complete network is managed using TejNMS, the company’s universal, multi-technology network management system coupled with an advanced service orchestration solution.

The Impact: High-Speed Connectivity for Unserved Businesses and Industries

The partnership between Tejas Networks and FibreConnect is set to extend the benefits of high-speed connectivity to unserved businesses and industries across Italy through its ISP partners. Tejas Networks’ innovative solutions such as their business-grade Type-C protection switching on ONTs, 2.5G GPON ONTs, converged “swiss-knife” architecture for multiservice access, and novel interplay of PTN and OTN technologies in the backbone are enabling FibreConnect to deliver the highest level of service to its customers in a cost-effective manner.

Conclusion: A Win-Win Partnership Driving Italy’s Digital Transformation Journey

This collaboration signals Tejas Networks’ emergence as a leading end-to-end supplier of world-class telecom equipment. It also demonstrates a growing confidence among global telcos in Tejas Networks’ ability to design and execute complex, large-scale networks, all the way from access to core. This partnership is not just a win for Tejas Networks and FibreConnect but also a significant step forward in Italy’s digital transformation journey.

Please note that all information provided in this blog post is based on data available as of October 18, 2023.

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