Genus Power Infrastructures: A Powerhouse in Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Genus Power Infrastructures Limited, an ISO 9001 & 14001 certified company, is an integral part of the US $400 million Kailash Group. Incorporated in 1992, Genus Power has two business divisions offering highly innovative and sustainable solutions to the power sector. The company is engaged in manufacturing and providing Metering and Metering Solutions and undertaking ‘Engineering, Construction, and Contracts’ on a turnkey basis.

Striking Gold: The Big Win

Recently, Genus Power made headlines with its impressive order win worth Rs 2,259.94 crore. This news sparked a 4% intraday rally in the company’s shares, reflecting the market’s positive response to this development.

On a Roll: The Winning Streak

Since July 2023, Genus Power has been on a winning streak, securing six prestigious orders worth about Rs 15,160 crore. These orders involve the installation of approximately 172.03 lakh Smart Prepaid Meters, a testament to the company’s expertise and dominance in the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) sector.

The recent order win involves the design of an AMI system with supply, installation, and commissioning with FMS of 27.33 lakh smart prepaid meters, system meters, including DT Meters with corresponding energy accounting on DBFOOT basis.

Past Triumphs: Previous Achievements

Earlier this month, the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary received two letters of awards (LOA) worth Rs 3,115.01 crore for the appointment of AMISPs. In September, the company’s step-down wholly-owned subsidiary won a Rs 2,247.37-crore smart meter order. This order includes designing an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system with supply, installation, and commissioning with FMS of 24.18 lakh smart prepaid meters, and system meters including OT meters with corresponding energy accounting under the DBFOOT model.

Looking Ahead: Future Prospects

With a total order book now standing at over Rs 19,000 crore, Genus Power is poised for robust future revenue growth. The company’s board of directors is scheduled to meet on November 9 to consider and approve the unaudited financial results for the quarter and half-year ended September 30.

In conclusion, Genus Power Infrastructures continues to solidify its position in the energy sector with its consistent performance and significant order wins. The company’s focus on advanced metering infrastructure services positions it well for future growth in this rapidly evolving industry.


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