The Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) has been the talk of the town with its remarkable performance in October and Q2 of the fiscal year 2023-24. The company’s shares have seen a significant rally, gaining over 5% following the announcement of these positive figures.

IEX Power-Packed October

In October, IEX recorded a total electricity volume of 9,260 MU, a noteworthy 21% increase compared to the previous year. This includes 2.17 lakh Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) equivalent to 217 MU and 5,814 Energy Saving Certificates, which account for 5.8 MU.

The nation’s energy consumption hit 139 billion units in October, driven by increased consumption, below-average rainfall, and a lower base in the same period last year. This surge in power demand led discoms to actively purchase power on the exchange, resulting in a significant increase in trade volumes on IEX.

IEX Q2 Results: A Bright Spark

On November 2, IEX released its Q2 results, showcasing a 21.4% year-on-year increase in consolidated net profit at Rs 86.5 crore. The power trading platform’s revenue also saw a 14% increase, amounting to Rs 108.5 crore.

The Brokerages’ Take

Despite the positive figures, some brokerages remain cautious. Bernstein maintained its ‘underperform’ call with a target price of Rs 95 per share, citing ongoing regulatory concerns. Nuvama Institutional Equities shared this view, stating that volume growth is shifting from the spot market, where IEX holds a monopoly, to the term ahead/long term market, which faces stiffer competition.

In conclusion, while IEX has demonstrated impressive performance in October and Q2, the market’s response and future outlook remain mixed due to regulatory concerns and market competition. It remains to be seen how the company will navigate these challenges in the future.


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