AVG Logistics Wins ₹105 Crore Contract to Operate Leased Parcel Express Train

AVG Logistics, a leading name in the logistics industry, has recently achieved a significant milestone. The company has secured a long-term contract from Indian Railways for the operations of the Leased Parcel Express Train. This development marks a new chapter in the company's growth story and reinforces its commitment to delivering top-notch logistics solutions.

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AVG Logistics Boosts Capacity: Parcel Train Agreement with Indian Railways

The collaboration between AVG Logistics and Indian Railways is set to revolutionize the logistics landscape. The Leased Parcel Express Train, operated by AVG Logistics, will significantly enhance the efficiency and capacity of freight transportation in the country.

Here's a brief overview of the contract details:

Contracting Entity Contract Duration Operations
Indian Railways Long-term Leased Parcel Express Train

Carrying Capacity: A Game-Changer

One of the key aspects of this contract is the impressive carrying capacity of the Leased Parcel Express Train. The train is expected to carry 364 tonnes per trip for the first six months. This capacity is set to increase to 484 tonnes per trip subsequently.

Here's a snapshot of the expected carrying capacity:

Time Period Carrying Capacity (Tonnes per Trip)
First 6 months 364
After 6 months 484

Impact on Freight Transportation

The increased carrying capacity of the Leased Parcel Express Train will have a profound impact on freight transportation in India. It will enable the transportation of larger volumes of goods in a single trip, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Future Prospects

The partnership between AVG Logistics and Indian Railways opens up a plethora of opportunities for both entities. It paves the way for further collaborations and innovations in the logistics sector.


The partnership between AVG Logistics and Indian Railways is a testament to the company's capabilities and commitment to innovation. With its increased carrying capacity and efficient operations, the Leased Parcel Express Train is set to redefine freight transportation in India. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!

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