Tine Agro Ltd: A Small Cap Multibagger Announces 1:1 Bonus Issue and 1:10 Stock Split

Explore the recent announcement by Tine Agro Ltd, a small cap company from the trading & distributors industry, about their 1:1 bonus issue and 1:10 stock split. Learn about the company’s record date, stock performance, and more

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About Tine Agro

Tine Agro came into existence in 1994. It operates in the trading industry and also functions as an agriculture and commodity company. It develops agricultural and forest resources-based industries.

Key Announcement : Bonus, Stock Split, and Everything You Need to Know

Tine Agro Ltd, a small cap company from the trading & distributors industry, has recently made headlines in the stock market. The company's shares touched a 2% upper circuit and a 52-week high after it declared March 18, 2024, as the record date for a 1:1 bonus share and a 1:10 stock split.

Record Date for Stock Split and Bonus Issue

As per the regulatory filing of the company issued on February 28, 2024, "Pursuant to the Regulation 42 of SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015 the Company has fixed Monday, 18th Day of March 2024, as the Record Date, for the following purposes, subject to the approval of shareholders at the ensuing Extra-ordinary General Meeting of the Company scheduled to be held on Wednesday, March 06, 2024."

Stock Performance & Return

The last trading price of Tine Agro shares on BSE was Rs 355.65 apiece, with an intraday gain of 1.99%. The 52-week high price of Tine Agro shares on BSE is Rs 355.65 apiece, and the 52-week low price is Rs 6.70 apiece. Tine Agro shares hit multiple 52-week highs and upper circuits in February. The company has a market capitalisation of Rs 893.16 crore. 

In terms of returns, Tine Agro shares have offered significant gains:

Time Period Gain
Year-to-date 124%
Last 3 months 252%
Last 6 months 1848%
Last 2 years 669%
Last 1 year 4561%


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