Dhanlaxmi Bank Share Price Target: A Detailed Forecast for 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030

In this post, we will provide a comprehensive analysis of the future prospects of Dhanlaxmi Bank Limited, a prominent player in the private sector banking industry. We will delve into the potential share price targets for the years 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030.

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Dhanlaxmi Bank Share Price Target 2024

As of now, the total market cap of Dhanlaxmi Bank stands at Rs 1280.24 crore. The promoters' holding is currently recorded at 0%. However, if the company decides to invite investments from the promoters in the future, we can expect the share price to reach a first target of ₹65 and a second target of ₹75 in 2024.

Dhanlaxmi Bank Share Price Target 2025

Dhanlaxmi Bank's stock has proven to be a lucrative investment over the past year. The company has provided impressive returns of 236% in the last year, 113% in the last six months, and 80% in the last three months. If the company continues to yield similar returns, we can anticipate the first target to reach up to ₹95 and the second target to climb up to ₹120 in 2025.

Dhanlaxmi Bank Share Price Target 2026

The bank's interest earnings have shown a steady increase, from Rs 971.49 crore in 2019 to Rs 1071.24 crore in March 2023. This indicates consistent growth. If the company maintains this growth trajectory, the first target for 2026 could be Rs 140, with a potential second target of Rs 175.

Dhanlaxmi Bank Share Price Target 2030

Dhanlaxmi Bank reported a net profit of Rs 11.67 crore in March 2019, which grew to Rs 49.36 crore in March 2023. If the bank continues to grow at this rate, the first target for 2030 could be ₹400, with a second target potentially reaching up to ₹500.

Strength and Weakness of Dhanlaxmi Bank Share

Aspect Details
Strength of Dhanlaxmi Bank Share The bank stock has given CAGR returns of 236.4% in the last 1 year.
Weakness of Dhanlaxmi Bank Share
  • The promoters' holding of the company is recorded at 0%.
  • The profit growth of the company in the last 3 years is -9.13%.
  • The company's ROA tracks for the last 3 years at 0.30%.


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