RPP Infra Share: A Promising Stock Under Rs 130 with a Rs 412 Crore Railway Order

RPP Infra Share, a prominent player in the construction sector, has recently bagged a lucrative order worth Rs 412 crore from the Railways. This news has sparked considerable interest among investors, especially considering the stock's impressive performance over the past year, yielding a whopping 210% return. Despite these promising figures, the stock is currently trading below Rs 130 in the stock market, making it an attractive option for investors looking for high potential stocks at a lower price point.

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A Brief Overview of RPP Infra Share

Established on May 4, 1995, RPP Infra Share has carved a niche for itself in various domains, including water management projects, power projects, highways, and bridges. The company's clientele boasts big names like National Thermal Power Corporation, Infratech, and Larsen & Toubro. This diverse portfolio of projects and prestigious client base underscores the company's expertise and reputation in the construction sector.

Financial Health of the Company

RPP Infra Share's financial condition appears robust. The company's total market cap stands at Rs 487.18 crores, with a relatively low debt of Rs 79.43 crores. Additionally, the company has a free cash flow of Rs 37.38 crores. The promoters of the company hold a significant 50.88% stake. These figures indicate a healthy financial status, with a strong cash flow and manageable debt levels, which are positive indicators for potential investors.

Recent Developments

RPP Infra Share has been awarded a project at Raipur Railway Station, with the total order amounting to Rs 412.81 crore. The company is expected to complete this project within three years, as confirmed by the company's CEO, Satya Murthy. This substantial order from the Railways not only boosts the company's current portfolio but also demonstrates the trust and confidence that major entities like the Railways place in RPP Infra Share.

Earlier, on March 18, 2024, the company received an order worth Rs 94.13 crore from Tamil Nadu. This order included tasks like street light arrangement, bridge construction, and RCC drain, all of which are to be completed within 11 months. These consistent orders reflect the company's reliability and efficiency in delivering on its projects.

Performance Metrics

Over the last three years, RPP Infra Share has recorded a revenue growth of 20.42%. The stock has provided good returns of 42% in the last three years and an impressive 210% in the last one year. These figures highlight the company's consistent growth and the stock's potential for delivering strong returns, making it a noteworthy consideration for investors.


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