Agni Green Power Share: A Solar Stock Worth Watching

Agni Green Power Share, a company specializing in solar energy solutions, has recently made headlines with a significant order worth Rs 2,13,00,000 from West Bengal. This news comes as the company's stock continues to perform well, providing returns of 250 percent over the past year. 

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A Brief History of Agni Green Power Share

Established on 25 August 1995 as Agni Power and Electronics Private Limited, the company underwent a name change to Agni Green Power Limited on 1 April 2022. The company's primary focus is on providing solar energy solutions, including solar power conducting units, solar inverters, Solar Maximum Powerpoint Tracking Chargers, Remote Monitoring Systems, Solar Junction Boxes, Control Panels, Digital Energy Meters, Solar Adapters, and Solar Pumps.

Financial Snapshot

Currently, Agni Green Power Share has a debt of Rs 9.68 crore. The total market cap of the company stands at Rs 126.19 crore, with the promoters holding Rs 70.57 crore. The company also boasts a free cash flow of Rs 2.68 crore.

A Significant Order

Agni Green Power Share has received an order for the manufacturing and maintenance of 38 solar power plants. These plants will be established in schools and government offices across West Bengal. The order, placed by Subhashree Project Private Limited, is part of an initiative to set up a solar power plant under the West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency. The total value of the order is Rs 2,13,00,000.

Stock Performance

The stock is currently trading below Rs 70. Its 52-week high level is recorded at Rs 84.70, while the 52-week low level is recorded at Rs 18.35. Over the past year, the stock has returned 250 percent, and over the last six months, it has given good returns of 150 percent.


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