EKI Energy Services: Pioneering Sustainable Development in India and Asia

EKI Energy Services Ltd., a leading global Carbon Credit Developer & Supplier, has recently achieved a significant milestone. The company has registered and verified the first-ever project in India and Asia under SD Vista, contributing to 10 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) parameters. This achievement marks a significant step towards sustainable development in the region.

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EKI Energy Services: A Global Leader in Carbon Credit Development

Headquartered in Indore and listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), EKI Energy Services has been a global market leader in climate change, carbon offset solutions, and carbon asset management for over 15 years. The company has a strong presence in over 16 countries and serves more than 3500 clients across 40+ countries worldwide. Their expertise in carbon credit development has positioned them as a key player in the global sustainability landscape.

First-Ever Improved Biomass Cookstove Project in Asia

In a remarkable achievement, EKI Energy Services has registered and verified the first-ever Improved Biomass Cookstove Project in Asia. This project is a testament to the company's commitment to promoting sustainable practices and reducing carbon emissions. The Improved Biomass Cookstove Project aims to replace traditional cooking methods with more efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving indoor air quality.

EKI Energy Services: Contributing to 10 SDG Parameters

The project registered under SD Vista contributes to 10 SDG parameters, demonstrating EKI Energy Services' commitment to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. These goals aim to address global challenges, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace, and justice. By aligning their projects with these goals, EKI Energy Services is not only contributing to environmental sustainability but also promoting social and economic development.

EKI Energy Services Share Details

As of June 18, 2024, the share price of EKI Energy Services Ltd. stands at ₹322. The company has a market capitalization of ₹888 Cr. The shares have a 52-week high and low of ₹718 and ₹268, respectively. The company's promoters hold 73.43% of the total shares. These figures reflect the company's strong financial performance and the confidence of its shareholders.


EKI Energy Services Ltd. continues to lead the way in sustainable development and carbon credit solutions. The registration and verification of the first-ever project in India and Asia under SD Vista and the Improved Biomass Cookstove Project in Asia are significant milestones in the company's journey. With its commitment to the SDGs and sustainable practices, EKI Energy Services is poised to make a substantial impact on global sustainability efforts.

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